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Mr Ram

My grandfather was a shaman from Jamaica belonging to Afro-Caribbean religion which includes movements such as Vodou, Obeah and Santeria. When my grandfather died, I died also. I became Black the container of Red......... 


My practice responds to a personal and ancestral history through a psychological lens. The personal is political and the political is communication; I hope my practice communicates interests in identity and examines issues surrounding mental health.


At the heart of the work is a questing for the demonic. 


The demonic cannot be overthrown or out tricked because these things are beyond the grasp of reason. The demonic exists without language because words are without essence, words are only containers alluding to the truths they seek to replace. 


Paradoxically it is within this failure to untangle that we (Black and Red) hope to find.........sculpture as formless landscape/drawing as psycho-navigation. Sculpture for me is an endeavour to capture another world (Red-Abyss), to give voice to an invisible reality. A key reference in my thinking is Georges Bataille’s theory 'L'Informe', however it is important to say that I don’t consider my work surreal because I don’t dream. A drawing is a waking/lived reality even if invisible to this realm. 


It is impossible to give life to substance’s (in any direct sense) within this realm that are not made of it, drawing for me is like standing upon a frozen lake where beneath the ice I observe redness. The paper is the ice and my pen an ice pick, with this tool I carve into the surface the shadows of tangible entities simmering below, this scarification exposes and amplifies mark making with sculptural intention. I am in pursuit of a sensation that can break the membrane, to move an image beyond its state of illusion and into possession (to hold a presence more than itself).

© 2023 RedBlack D. Lawrence

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